Basic Information
Frequency of tweets vs frequency of unique hashtags
Here we have a chart that contains the frequency of tweets and that of unique hashtags.
How to use:
1) Hover over any point on the chart to view total number of tweets per time step (orange)and number of distinct hashtags per time step (green).
2) Use the zoom feature on the graph to zoom into periods of interest.
Hashtag features
Here we have a chart that contains information about the given tweets like top, bottom, middle, new and top increasing hashtags.
How to use:
1) Select K in range (1:50) then click "Set"
2) Click on any point on the chart to view:
top K hashtags ,
middle k hashtags,
bottom K hashtags and
top new K hashtags.
top increasing K hashtags.
Top Hashtags Frequency Charts
Here we can visualize and compare the frequency of top hashtags over time.
How to use:
1) Initially you have the top hashtag frequency chart (automatically checked) .
2) Check any hashtag from the list to draw its frequency chart .
3) The checked hashtags are shown below (zoom / date) line with corresponding colors
4) It is allowed to check/uncheck more than one hashtag at the same time .
K=  (up to 50)   
Select the Time Step : 1 day 12 hours 6 hours 1 hour 30 min 15 min